Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Catatan Perjalanan Inkues Kematian Teoh Beng Hock dari MalaysianInsider

INQUEST - Teoh family lawyer Gobind Singh Deo asks coroner to clarify that family can have company during interview with psychiatrists.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip steps out of witness box.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says, "I never want to criticise the police & doctors."
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip requests Azmil to make statement to media, stresses she is here to offer opinion only.
INQUEST - Magistrate Azmil Munthapa Abas, acting as coroner, thanks Dr Pornthip for helping inquest.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says will take longer time due to decomposition of body but that won't affect her final analysis.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip tells court she is prepared to do 2nd autopsy even if have to exhume Teoh's body
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip disagrees with Tan's suggestion.
INQUEST - Tan suggests to Dr Pornthip that she doesn't have enough basis to conclude Teoh's death is 80pct homicide & 20pct suicide
INQUEST - Tan reads out Dr Prashant's 9 reasons for concluding Teoh committed suicide, one by one.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says she can't answer Tan's questions because the investigation is incomplete.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says if bone fragments were found in the anal area, it'd be compatible with injury caused there by fall from a height.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip replies yes to Tan but adds its uncommon.
INQUEST - Tan reads Dr Prashant's analysis on anal injury & asks Dr Pornthip if penetration can be caused by bone fracture after a high fall
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says strangulation signs may not always leave marks on the skin but can be detected under the skin.
INQUEST - Tan shows Teoh's photos to Dr Pornthip & asks if she spots signs of strangulations she had described earlier. She says no.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says she didn't get copies of all documents from the Selangor government which engaged her.
INQUEST - Replying to Tan Hock Chuan, Dr Pornthip wished she had a chance to talk to the 2 pathologists who did Teoh autopsy on the results.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip returns to witness box for cross-examination after court resumes after lunch.
INQUEST - Court allows Dr Pornthip to examine Teoh's shoes to confirm her hypothesis that he was dragged before falling to death.
INQUEST - Coroner's court breaks for lunch & will resume at 2pm.
INQUEST - DPP Kevin Morais, acting for the MACC, asks Dr Pornthip to clarify definition of strangulation.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says Teoh's death is 80pct homicide & 20pct suicide.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip confirms that Teoh was alive when he hit the ground but may have been unconscious even before falling.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says skull fracture not typical of injury from fall but more compatible from blunt force applied directly to the skull
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip notes round marks on Teoh's neck could mean 'manual strangulation' with fingers.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip says injury to Teoh's anus caused by penetration with object before fall, based on pictures taken from death site.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip gives a graphic power point display based on a post-mortem pictures to show & explain Teoh's injuries.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip tells court not all injuries on Teoh's body consistent with fall from a height.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip explains her views are based on Teoh's autopsy report.
INQUEST - Questioned by Malik, Dr Pornthip says Teoh died from a fall about 6am to 8am on July 16, 2009.
INQUEST - Dr Pornthip tells court she has conducted more than 10,000 autopsies, of which about 100 dealt with fatal falls from a high place.
INQUEST - Court resumes with Dr Pornthip taking oath at witness box.
INQUEST - Teoh Beng Hock's parents, elder brother & younger sister in court to hear Dr Pornthip's testimony.
INQUEST - Court stands down until 10.15am to set up equipment for Dr Pornthip's evidence, expected to last an hour.
INQUEST - Selangor lawyer Malik Imtiaz Sarwar introduces Dr Pornthip as expert witness for the inquest.
INQUEST - AG's lawyer Tan Hock Chuan introduces UKM forensic chief Prof Shahrom Abd Wahid to sit in for back-up explanation.
INQUEST - Court sets up projector system in front of witness box for evidence from Dr Pornthip.

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Hoiii !!!! INGAT TAU !!!
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