Saturday, July 18, 2009

Nazri Aziz : JOKER OF THE YEAR 2009...!!!

Each year this blog nominates a few individuals to be crowned the Joker of the Year. It is a bit unique this year. This is only the month of July and nomination is already closed and a winner declared.

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz is the grand winner of 2009. He cautioned against pointing the finger at the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for Teo Beng Hock's death.
I would like to inform Nazri of what I think of the MACC in this incident. The commission is wrong for abusing its investigation and interrogation procedure. Was Teh a criminal? Would he abscond?
Why must the commission conduct its interrogation after office hours until wee hours in the morning?
Why can't officers of the commission conduct the session during office hours the next day?
I am not suggesting a murder here but clearly the commission has a lot to explain for neglecting the safety of a person under their custody. Worse, this person was not even a suspect.
The commission should be sued for negligence.Nazri's insensitivity should be severely criticized. For once I agree with Dr Mahathir that this man is not fit to be in the current cabinet.
Recently, he verbally attacked several commissioners of Suhakam who called for a new state election in Perak and called them 'crooks'.
It takes one to know one.Nazri should make real his threats. He is welcomed to come after this blogger. I am going to repeat it again; yes, the MACC was responsible for the death of Teh Beng Hock.
It could also be a breach of the commission's ethics and procedure.
usinkata; Wa mmg setuju dengan lu la bro..u all cm mana..?

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Hoiii !!!! INGAT TAU !!!

Hoiii !!!! INGAT TAU !!!
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